Need for Speed World

Need for Speed World Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 2
CPU: Intel P41.7 GHz (maybe 2.0GHz…)
RAM: 1Gb Win XP, 1.5Gb Vista
Video: GeForceFXor better, Radeon8500 or better, Intel GMA915 or better.
Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible
HDD: 2 GB of space is required to install the game
Internet: 128kbit/s Cable/DSL connection
Video Resolution 1024×768 32 bit.
DirectX 9.0c

Need for Speed World Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 / Windows Vista Service Pack 2 / Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo2.0 GHz
Video: NvidiaGeForce7900 or 512 MB DirectX 9.0 compatible. At least
ShaderModel 2.0 support
Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible
HDD: 2 GB of space is required to install the game
Internet: 128kbit/s Cable/DSL connection
Video Resolution 1280×960 32 bit
DirectX 9.0c

Readers Comments (52)

  1. release date of this game?

  2. lol… it will not work on my computer…
    i only have: amd phenom II x6 2.8 Ghz,ati radeon HD 5550 1 Gb,1.5TB space,4 Gb ram DDR3… :D:D:D

  3. It sure work on my computer….

    I have athlon 1.13ghz., 20 gb space, 128mb ddr2

  4. can i run it on 128 mb 3d card

  5. its works superbly on my pc:Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.9GHz,3578MB RAM DDR5,ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series with 2542 MB(not integrated),and 5TB HDD

  6. is it works on 512 mb RM

  7. will work on my p4 2.8ghz igb ram and a video card ati radeon x800?

  8. i have a core 2 duo 2.93(v t) , 2gb ddr2, 320gb hdd,ati readon 4800 1gb, it will work superb on it.

  9. Core i7 with 8 CPUs? you mean cores? xD 4 cores and hyper threading that makes each core look like 2 to the OS, there’s no such thing as an i7 with 8 cores.
    Research more, brag less.

  10. will work on my pc…2.0 ghz x2 dual core procesor amd…2gb card nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430…150 gb hdd…pls answer

  11. i have a imac will it work

  12. i have another laptop of 1.6 ghz and 160 gb hdd and a lots of free space and windows 7.amd athlon


  14. it works just fine on my tesla c2070
    viva la serbia 😀

  15. i have dual core 2.30 ghz +3 gb ddr3 +intel T4500mhd +320 gbHD
    is it work on my system?????
    plz tell me?

  16. Will it work on Intel GMA950 256 mb video card ??

  17. pliz tell me it will work. 4 gb ram p6 hd 128mb3d 500gb.some 1 respond plz

  18. It works nice on my computer

    P3 800Mhz, Ram 32 MB DDR1, VGA Intel on board 16 MB. b-)

  19. It works nice, dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It runs on computer with spec:
    P3 800Mhz, Ram 32 MB DDR1, VGA Intel on board 16 MB. b-)
    but you’ve run it using cloud computing. :))

  20. this isnt even a threat to my pc

    AMD Phenom II X4 980 quad core 3.0ghz
    16gb ddr3 ram (rip jaws cas7 1066mhz)
    2 4850’s 512mb 256bit
    600w power supply

  21. IS IT WORK ON : P4 2.4 GHZ,1GB RAM, 80 HDD, ATI R 9650 256 VGA

  22. Will it work on my computer?
    My spec:
    Amd Althon XP 3200+
    Nvidia GeForce FX5500
    1.2GB ram ddr1
    240gb free space

  23. if i have 2,4 ghz,1.24 gb ram it will work?

  24. i have 2.4 ghz and 1.24 gb ram
    will work?

  25. Sure will work on my pc . I have AMD phenom XII 450 , 3 core , 3.5 GHz , AMD Sapphire 3Gb video memory , 8Gb of Ram , 1 Tb free space. 😉

  26. Will this game run on my pc with following-:
    Intel core i3 @ 3.1 ghz cpu,
    intel hd graphics 2000,
    4 gb of ram,
    asus p8 motherboard..

  27. dude it works fine with Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.0 GHz with HD 4350 512mb graphics and 2GB RAM.

  28. Guyz after installation i have created an account but there after it doertsn’t work. When i launch it shows to log in.
    Plz help me what should i do?
    Is it need a internet connection?

  29. Guyz plz rply me as quick as u can plz.

  30. Will this game run on my pc with

    3.00 Ghz ,Graphics 512 mb GEFORCE 8400GS,1GB RAM 😀

  31. it will work on my laptop with
    2.6 ghz proccesor
    600 gb harddisk
    4 gb ram
    1 gb 3d card

  32. world tourer 17 July 2012 @ 10:01

    work on my pc
    1,7ghz procesor
    512mb ram

  33. hey guys, i’m playing it right now and the game says: out of directx resources and then crashes! wtf???

  34. please tell me its work in my computer .200 free hard. 128 mb RAM

  35. LOL…………
    IT doesn’t works
    Win 8 Service pack 2/2.8-3.9GHz i8 processor/8 GB RAM/GeForce 3D,HD,4GB/5TB HDD

  36. ati radeon 9250 512 mb ram intel inside celeron 2.41 GHZ

  37. Can anyone please tell me will this game work on ma specs:

    Pentium4 2.79
    2 GB RAM DDR 1
    Graphic card ATI Radeon 512 MB (Dunno full name of it)
    Space: 500 GB

    Please answer i really need this

  38. it works!!.i have 4gb ram 450 gb disk space amd ati radeon hd 6450

  39. 2gb graphics card

  40. ts works superbly on my pc…
    intel core due i7 black.. Ram 8gb nvidia ge force 4 gb DDR5. with directx 11 and 3d mark 10TB HDD..

  41. I Am Sure It Will Work On My System ! 😀

  42. it work…i have dual core 2.50ghz , Ram 1 gb….vga asus eah4350 silent

  43. it works on mine Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2690
    20M Cache, 2.90 GHz, into 2 physical processor
    NVIDIA Quadro 6000 Genlock 6GB DDR5 and HDD of Hitachi Deskstar 4TB into 4 and Just 16gb of ram…..awesome all games should work

  44. this game is only play throw the internet

  45. Will It Work In Windows 8 ??

  46. can i play with 2 gb ram 2.66ghz intel r celeron

  47. :)) at this specs I can run it on my phone

  48. Work in this system ? Intel processor dual-core 1.66 Ghz , 2Gb ram and Win XP

  49. i play that game in 2009 when it realease

  50. Will it work on my computer?


    -Intel i7-3930K 6-core processor overclocked to 4.2ghz
    -GTX 690 graphics card (SLI enabled)
    -64 GB RAM
    -3 TB HDD
    -500MB SDD
    -Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

    Please let me know, thanks.

  51. i have a 1.8 ghz core 2 duo processor, directx 9.0 compatible, intel 945 gm express chipset and 1.5 gb ram will it work

  52. 2.0 64 bit AMD Athalon 3000+ , 1gb ram , 160 gb hard disk , grafich 256 ge force turbo cach.

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